Do you have a program to help pilots with possible medical problems retain their licenses?

Yes, California Occupational Medical Professional works with commercial pilots to maintain their tickets. We also have what is known as the Continuous Certification Program for commercial drivers, which helps drivers with potential health risks that might prevent them from keeping their licenses to address those issues and continue to drive.

Do I have to make an appointment before I send an injured worker on workers comp to your clinics?

No, we will see an injured worker on a walk in basis. It will speed up the time required for the visit if you call ahead with the workers compensation information and mechanism of the injury.

Do I have to make an appointment for a DOT Physical?

No, our office will see you for a DOT physical on a walk in basis. Once again the time required for the examination can be shortened by calling ahead.

Do you do drug testing outside of workers compensation and pre-employment physicals?

Yes, we offer DOT testing in addition to several drug testing programs from medication management to individual testing.